Individuals in the Foundation Coalition (FC) accept responsibility and are accountable for their own personal growth and education and for efficient use of resources. We believe that students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they get the education necessary to perform as engineers in today’s workplace. It is their obligation to ensure that they have the technical and inter-personal skills necessary to meaningfully contribute to society. Through cooperative learning, they will accept responsibility for their own learning experiences and will develop solid habits that will ensure their educational process continues throughout their lifetimes.

In addition, a cooperative learning environment ensures that students enter partnerships with their classmates to complete projects and other academic tasks, resulting in obligations to their fellow classmates for which they are held accountable. We also believe that the faculty are responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of a quality educational experience, and for working with industry partners to ensure a proper mix of theory and practice within that experience.

Finally, each institution is accountable for the funds received through the project. Competence in various assessment and evaluation mechanisms is necessary to address areas of accountability, and the establishment of processes within the FC itself will reflect this value as well.
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