Assessment Tools for Attitudes and Skills

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The Foundation Coalition, a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation, has implemented bold initiatives to change the way engineers are educated. The Foundation Coalition (FC) incorporates several strategies to: (a) reform engineering curricula, (b) increase student performance, and (c) evaluate reform with appropriate, authentic assessment. Continuous improvement through assessment and evaluation of engineering programs is a core value of the FC. As a result, a number of useful assessment instruments have been developed by FC participants. This document showcases a few of these assessment tools: the UMD Team Process Check (TPC), Team Knowledge Test (TKT), Web-based Student Survey System, Freshman Engineering Attitude Survey (FEAS), Freshman Engineering Perception Test (FEPT), and Sophomore Engineering Perception Test (SEPT). Contact information for the developers of these tools is provided. If you would like try these tools in your program, contact the developers.